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Monthly Social Media Management
This monthly package is great for the business or brand that wants to establish a consistent online presence, attract their target audience organically, increase their conversions by turning followers into dollars, and increase their brand awareness in the interim.
This Package includes:
• We collaborate on the strategy and vision of how all owned assets and platforms work together with a Monthly 1-hour Strategy Call
• Industry Research (helps us to be knowledgeable about the brand & industry)
• We help set appropriate digital KPIs; tracking and reporting of digital metrics; continually monitoring and optimizing organic results
• Keep abreast of digital trends to inform and evolve digital strategy and best practices
 Monthly Key Metric Report (Tracks account insights & measures ROI) 
* 1-3 Social Media Platforms of your choosing (Instagram, Facebook or Twitter)
• Manage all elements of the monthly social media calendar including planning and scheduling, writing social media posts (*9 posts per week), briefing client for images and posting content
Develop social media programs that support overall brand campaigns and growth
• Actively participate in and monitor social communications
• Provide exceptional seamless brand experiences by responding to all consumer questions and comments posted through social channels in a timely manner
Work with key partners, including ambassadors and retail partners to create, share and/or promote unique content and programs



Next steps after checkout:

 Following check out you will receive an email containing your client intake form from your assigned project manager. Please take your time when filling out this form because it will be used to build your MVSTER Profile. 

• Once the form is successfully submitted and confirmed by your project manager you will receive the option to schedule your 30 minute Strategy Call. 


Please note the following:

• When choosing this package please understand that you will be responsible for providing content and ad budget for complimentary Facebook ad.

• For the benefit of all parties involved and to uphold a clear line of communication, our team works exclusively through email correspondence not including Strategy Calls.



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